the truth about "detox"

Unfortunately whether it is a detox drink, diet or skincare product…there is very little scientific evidence that they help eliminate toxins from your body.   

So how does a healthy body naturally detox?   

Most detoxing happens through the liver and kidneys.  Your liver pushes ingested toxins into the bloodstream so that the kidneys can later filter and usher them into your bladder.  At which point they eventually get flushed down the loo.  

If the toxin amount exceeds the capacity your liver and kidneys can handle; the excess toxins get stored in fat. These toxins can be eliminated through a secondary system which is sweat. (Yep…exercise scores a point.) 

So why do so many people claim to feel better after detoxification?  It may be due in part that detox diets eliminate alcohol, highly processed foods and added sugars for a few days.  As most people would benefit from simply avoiding or cutting back on these high-calorie low-nutrition foods it should be a long term solution not just a short term goal.

For skincare products, the “detox” label is similar to claiming there is a direct link from the bladder to your skin (gross!) or that a skincare product can reach into your fat deposits and get you out of heading to the gym. 

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