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how do you...outdoors? 

As summer is slipping away and fall is close on its heels... there’s no better time to head outdoors! 

Are you planning to hug a tree or swim in one of our beautiful surrounding lakes, don't worry we have you covered with these three helpful tips.

Bugs, bugs everywhere!  Throw on some light-coloured attire (mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colours) and find some DEET free bug spray alternatives such as soybean or lemon eucalyptus oil.  Check out this handy insect repellent guide pulled together by the good people at Environmental Defence.

Sun, sun everywhere!  Unfortunately, skin cancer has become the most common form of cancer.  While picking a sunscreen avoid these ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate known for their negative effect on the body's hormones.  When you find a healthy alternative, don't be afraid to slather it on!  Check out this handy reminder of the amount of sunscreen we should be using.

Dirt, dirt everywhere! Whether it is for a campsite full of dirty dishes or dirty hair, look for soaps and personal care products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free.  Avoid all products which contain the chemical triclosan. In 2012, Environmental Canada declared ttriclosan to be toxic. When exposed to sun, triclosan turns into dioxins which are not only linked to cancer but has also been linked to antibiotic resistant bacteria in our waterways. All-natural should be the trademark for the great outdoors!

Got any other great tips?

How do you...outdoors?



the truth about "detox" 

Unfortunately whether it is a detox drink, diet or skincare product…there is very little scientific evidence that they help eliminate toxins from your body.   

So how does a healthy body naturally detox?   

Most detoxing happens through the liver and kidneys.  Your liver pushes ingested toxins into the bloodstream so that the kidneys can later filter and usher them into your bladder.  At which point they eventually get flushed down the loo.  

If the toxin amount exceeds the capacity your liver and kidneys can handle; the excess toxins get stored in fat. These toxins can be eliminated through a secondary system which is sweat. (Yep…exercise scores a point.) 

So why do so many people claim to feel better after detoxification?  It may be due in part that detox diets eliminate alcohol, highly processed foods and added sugars for a few days.  As most people would benefit from simply avoiding or cutting back on these high-calorie low-nutrition foods it should be a long term solution not just a short term goal.

For skincare products, the “detox” label is similar to claiming there is a direct link from the bladder to your skin (gross!) or that a skincare product can reach into your fat deposits and get you out of heading to the gym. 

news - just beautiful campaign! 

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted as a member of the Just Beautiful Campaign created by Environmental Defence.  

Environmental Defence is a Canadian organization committed to inspiring government, business and people to become greener and healthier.

They began the Just Beautiful Campaign to help consumers purchase safer products for their families.
Unfortunately, many companies continue to use toxics chemicals in their manufacturing.
That is why it is so important to know and avoid harmful ingredients in the products we put in and on our bodies.

To be accepted as a member of the Just Beautiful Campaign we took a pledge to ensure that our labels will always disclose every ingredient found in your product;
we will only make or sell personal care items that do not contain any of Environmental Defence’s Toxic Ten;
and we will continue to go above and beyond in transparency and in producing healthier safe choices for our customers. 

We would like to thank Environmental Defence for their outstanding efforts in protecting and educationing consumers.

Environmental Defence's Toxic Ten

Just Beautiful Campaign




how do of the witches? 

adapted from Macbeth, 
by William Shakespeare 

Witchy companies, casting a spell ... 
Round about the cauldron go;  
In the perfumed parabens throw.  
Triclan, that under cold stone  
Days and nights hast thirty one  
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,  
Boil thou first i’the charmed plastic pot.  

Double, double toil and trouble;  
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.  

Fillet of a fragranced snake,  
In the cauldron boil and bake;  
Phalates, and toxic frog,  
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog 
Adder’s fork, and allergen’s sting,  
Lizard’s leg, and chemical wing,  
For a charm of powerful trouble,  
Like a hell-product boil and bubble.  

Double, double toil and trouble;  
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.  

To learn more about the possible toxins in skincare products,
please visit the environmental defence website for further information.